Travel Near and Far

Joan Varriano 913-685-7422

I'd like to plan a trip to Jefferson City, MO (my hometown) on Tuesday, October 20th. This would be an all day trip.

Leave around 6 am and returning around 7 pm. 
Schedule: Leave at 6 am (Ugh!)
9 am Governor's Mansion Tour
10 am Capitol Building Tour (with Thomas Hart Benton painted room)
12 pm Lunch
1 pm Missouri Penitentiary Tour
3pm Central Dairy for some Ice Cream
4:30 pm Dutch Bakery and Bulk Store
7pm return home.

I'm not taking sign ups yet as the COVID numbers aren't good enough yet. I will revisit this trip in 2 weeks. I just wanted you to put it on your calendar. If not Jeff City, I will try to come up with something else for this date.