Welcome To Leawood, Kansas, please explore our website to learn about our organization.

2018-19 Executive Officers
Gayle Johnson, Parliamentarian; Sandy Berland, Advisor; Debbie Scrivner, Membership VP; Judy Kostusik, Treasurer; Pegge Hudgins, Secretary; Charlene Nye, 1st VP; Viola Dreyer, President.

Join us and get acquainted with your Leawood neighbors.

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The Leawood Welcomers has been a social organization since 1958. Our members work to improve and enrich the lives of the women in the Leawood area through activity groups, luncheons, club parties and a variety of club functions.

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If you are interested in opportunities, making new friends and want to have lots of fun and laughter, the Leawood Welcomers is the club for you.

Hospitality EVENTS for 2018-2019
Coffees are held every Spring and Fall
are held every Fall, Holiday & Spring

SPRING Hospitality Coffee

Wednesday, May 15, 2019, at 10 AM
Program: TBA
Please check back for Location and Program

HOLIDAY Luncheon

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Hallbrook Country Club
11200 Overbrook Rd., Leawood, KS
Social 11:00 - Noon

Program: Musical Celebration provided by Paula Surf

Luncheons for 2018-2019

December 5, 2018
Hallbrook Country Club

April 17, 2019
Loch Loyd Country Club

Please check back for Programs

Please contact any of our Officers for more information about any activities that may interest you.

Viola Dreyer, President - 913-400-3113
Charlene Nye, 1st VP - 913-345-9680
Debbie Scrivner, 2nd VP - 816-392-0255
Judy Kostusik, Treasurer - 913-491-1720
Pegge Hudgins, Secretary - 816-941-8833
Sandy Berland, Advisor - 913-913-908-2530
Gayle Johnson, Parliamentarian - 913-491-0523

Club Functions

Caring and Sharing: Diane Frerker
Newsletter: Premla Kumar
Circulation: Margo Barrick
Historian: Carol Martinosky
Publicity: Joanne Varriano
Hospitality Coffees: Elaine Rutledge
Luncheons: Karen Strange
Programs: Jan Gratch
Decorations: Betty Burton
Telephone: Martha Estrada-Robertson
Website: Viola Dreyer